The Center For Disease Control Is Assuming Powers That Were Never Constitutionally Given! Americans Best Challenge That Assumption For Their Freedom’s Sake!

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“The Centers of Disease Control is assuming power that they do not have, but also what our elected representatives do not have.”

Talking about assuming the powers that have never been given to them, the CDC is acting now as if it is a government unto itself. I have just one question for them:  Where is that power that they are assuming in the United States Constitution? It isn’t there!

It may look like law, may smell like law, may even have the color of law but guess what?  It is not law!×550.jpg

It is kind of like the unqualified and unlicensed Bill and Melinda Gates or perhaps, like that of the head of the World Health Organization, who by the way is not even a doctor and yet, both of these frauds are attempting to set the narratives on a global scale (Ephesians 4:14).

How does all of this work, you might ask?  Just assume power that has never been given and hope that the people do not catch on.

Think with me friends, the same ones selling you the virus are the same ones that are selling you that vaccinations.

They are also the ones that are attempting to not only set the narratives but also set their unlawful mandates.TRENDING:  How Did Omar’s Husband Get $634,000 in Pandemic Bailout Cash?

All of this is being continually pushed forward because of the ignorance of many that do not know the difference (Psalm 94:20).

They are now so encouraged through the ignorance of the people submitting to their plandemic that they are even offering everyone their freedom back if they simply do what they are told. I did not know that my freedoms came from them, nor did I know that they were in a lawful position to do that which is unlawful!

Look at it this way, the CDC is attempting to implement that which our elected representatives do not have the power to implement.

Conclusion: Friends, our rights come from God, not from the generosity of the state, and definitely not from the CDC.  Our representatives work for us, not we for them.

“We The People” are the government in this country, and “We the People” receive our rights from God and, in turn, delegate unto our representatives, who are our employees, the authority to uphold and maintain the enumerated laws found in the US Constitution (Article 6, Section 2) to maintain our liberty (John 8:32; 2 Corinthians 3:17).

The Center For Disease Control is assuming powers that were never constitutionally given unto them and Americans best challenge that assumption for freedom’s sake.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media