Just more lies

Type covid19 into search for a youtube see what you get. There is covid19 but it is not the killer they want you believe it is.

Look at this phony photo, 10 to 1 it is not even covid19 related…

The hill.com

National Guardsmen stationed in Washington, D.C., are beginning to return to their home states following a deployment to guard the inauguration that was marred by lackluster housing conditions and a coronavirus outbreak.

Governors from several states announced Friday that they are ordering their guardsmen home or that they are already leaving Washington. About 25,000 service members were sent to guard President Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol shook officials’ confidence in their security measures for the quadrennial event. 

However, the Capitol appeared ill-prepared to deal with the influx of troops. Upon the guardsmen’s arrival, they were seen sleeping on the floor of the complex. Lawmakers later advocated for them to have cots to sleep on, though the guardsmen were then pushed out of the building Thursday for unknown reasons, sparking backlash from lawmakers and governors before the troops were allowed back in the building. 

“We are bringing home our National Guard members from D.C. They served with distinction. Some guardsmen from other states were treated in a fashion inconsistent with how our service members should be treated,” Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R) tweeted.